Hold a glass on its side, under running water. The water molecules adhere to the glass, flowing down and around to the underside before falling off.

Gutter Shelter was engineered using the same scientific principle:  Liquid Adhesion


1. Rainwater flowing from your roof is slowed by our ribbed panel.

2. Liquid adhesion bonds the water molecules to the surface of Gutter Shelter.™

3. Rainwater travels down over the curved nose and into the gutter. Leaves, seeds, pine needles and debris slide off onto the ground.

4. The Gutter Shelter panel is fastened to and supported by our patented Sturdi bracket. Secure enough to support the heaviest snow loads and tested to withstand winds up to 90 MPH.

5. The pre-engineered 3/8" horizontal opening will handle the heaviest rainfall.  The opening is too small for birds, nests and animals.

6. Gutter Shelter does not penetrate roof shingles.

7. Durable .024 thick panel with Cerma Clad™ paint finish will last a lifetime. “We guarantee it”!


©Gutter Shelter is a product from U.S. Aluminum, Inc., a leading manufacturer
of rain gutter products for over 38 years.