• Stops Clogged Gutters - Overflow from your gutters can damage your basement, foundation, shrubbery and landscaping.
  • No More Gutters to Clean - Cleaning your gutters is risky, dirty and time consuming. Paying to have it done year after year is expensive.
  • Protects Your Gutters from Ice and Snow - The weight of ice and snow can damage your gutters.
  • Handles up to 22" of Rain per hour - The harder it rains, the better Gutter Shelter™ works.
  • Installs over your Gutters - With Gutter Shelter, you won't have to replace your existing gutters and downspouts.
  • Professional Installation - A factory-trained installer will clean and inspect your gutters for proper pitch and drainage. Any necessary repairs will be made prior to installation.
  • Lifetime Warranty - Guaranteed for the life of your home and transferrable to the new owner when you sell your home.
  • Available in 13 Colors - White, Briarwood, Cranberry, Hunter Green, Light Bronze, Royal Brown, Musket Brown, Cedar, Pearl Gray, Tuxedo Gray, Black, Copper and Dark Bronze.



©Gutter Shelter is a product from U.S. Aluminum, Inc., a leading manufacturer
of rain gutter products for over 38 years.